The Best Free Online Backup Services

Online backup services work like any other traditional backup software but all your files are transmitted over the Internet and stored somewhere inside a secured server clusters.

These clusters are also known as clouds and in simple term it is a collection of servers connected to work together as one single and extremely powerful server.

Online Backup Services

Today, I am going to list the best free online backup services where all your files are backed up in a one giant and secured cloud server. Back up of your files is usually done automatically by installing a specialized backup software.

All these free services give you a decent amount of free web storage where you can backup files easily. Additionally, most services allow you to buy more web storage for a low recurring fee.

Best online cloud backup services

Below is the table which show you each cloud backup service with free web storage limitations and free backup software support for auto backup.

For personal backup, a web storage is the most important stuff when it comes to online backup. So, here we go to our list of the best online backup services in cloud.

Online Backup Service Name

Max. Free Web Storage (up to)

File size upload limits (per file)

Google Drive

15 GB1

10 GB


16 GB2

No Limit3

Microsoft SkyDrive

7 GB

2 GB

Comodo Backup

10 GB

2 GB

ASUS Web Storage

5 GB

500 MB


20 GB2


1 Web storage is shared across all Google Services.
2 Web storage available with free referral user signups.
3 For desktop backup software only.

Of course, there are more services on the market today. But I have included only the best online cloud backup services I have personally tried and used so far.

For me, the best online backup services (for personal backup) are these three services:

  • SkyDrive – Personally my favorite online backup service, mostly because it has a native Windows 8.1+ support.
  • Google Drive – Google is know for simplicity and quality. And Drive is just another quality and simple service from this internet giant.
  • DropBox – Great, simple and cheap cloud backup.

So, these three services are the best among all available free backup services on the internet. They have extremely fast servers, huge infrastructure and enormous amount satisfied customers.

If you ever wanted to backup your important files, somewhere where they would be accessible from practically any place – do not look no more and start using these free online backup services now.

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One comment on “The Best Free Online Backup Services
  1. barryherne says:

    How can you be sure of the safety and reliability of these services? If something happens. are you guaranteed to have your data safe? I think that we should stick to the services which are not free. For example i can be sure that Acronis will keep my data safe and sound in any case.

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