The Best Linux Games to Play Now

Gaming on Linux is not the best, but with help of these game titles I am sure you are going to enjoy Linux a bit more. So, here we are going to list you the best Linux games you can download and play!

I will include the best free Linux game releases. And they work on most Linux distributions. I have tried all these games on my Ubuntu Linux system and they work just fine.

Best Linux Games

I am going to list the best Linux games in several popular categories. Including shooters, strategy and simulation, arcade and sports game genres for Linux operating systems.

Here are the best free Linux games you can download, install and play completely free of charge on your computer.

Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress II for Linux
Join either the red or blue team and fight with other players in a few addictive game modes with this great F2P multiplayer FPS. This is definitely one of the best Linux games for me.

Scorched 3D

Tanks on Linux in 3D
Very addictive 3D Tanks game shooter available for Linux OS. Enjoy fully destructible 3D world with a lot of fun in multiplayer.

Dota 2

Dota 2 on Linux
One of the most popular battle arena-based multiplayer online RPG games. Available for multiple platforms, including Linux. One of the best Linux games you can play now.

Free CIV (Civilization Clone)

This game is also playable directly from your web browser.

FreeCiv Open Source Game
This game is clearly inspired by the popular game called Civilization. FreeCiv has a huge amount of players and dedicated developers. Lead your own nation to victory.

Craft (Minecraft Clone)

Craft Minecraft Free Clone
This is a quality Minecraft open-source game clone for Linux operating system. Looks pretty nice and works great on Linux. One of the best Linux games currently available.

Alien Arena

Alien Arena Linux Game
Pretty amazing 3D arena-style FPS Shooter game with great graphics and very active development.

Extreme Tux Racer

Extreme Tux Racer Free Game
Race a penguin down an icy slope and get to the finish fast. Very nice and addictive game developed natively for Linux.

Stunt Rally

Stunt Rally
One of the best open-source racing games for Linux. This game features around 150 tracks with 19 cars. Has pretty nice graphics and addictive gameplay.

Open BVE Train Simulator

OpenBVE Train Simulation
A quality open-source train simulation game for cross platforms. Supports many third-party plugins and customizations and have a decent amount of active developers and community.

0 A.D. Strategy

0 AD RTS Strategy Game
A very quality open-source cross platform strategy game. Real-time strategy and one of the best RTS game titles you can play on Linux at this moment.

Micropolis (SimCity Clone)

Micropolis SimCity Clone
This game is based on the original SimCity® game from Maxis. Build your own city with this free open-source simulation.

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