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How to Watch Torrent Movies Like a Stream

Do you know that you can watch torrent movies just like any online video streaming website, without waiting to download and watch them after? If the answer is no, then you will be happy about this trick.

With help of the special software you will be able to watch any torrent movie as a normal stream, without loosing quality of the video. You can watch torrent movies in 2 ways, which I am going to show you in this tutorial.

How to Watch Torrent Movies

To watch torrent movies without waiting to download them on your hard drive, you need to have a program that is capable of doing this installed on your computer.

Use Kodi (XBMC)

Kodi (XBMC) is the most popular open-source media center software, which is available for Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android and iOS platforms. You can install a third-party extensions in it which allows you to watch online torrent movies like a regular stream.

Kodi with Genesis

Kodi has a very nice user interface and allows you to watch all kind of online streaming content – including torrents.

You can easily download it and install on your system by clicking on the button below. However, you need to setup Kodi in order to work properly.

Use Popcorn Time

A Popcorn Time is a free application which allows you to watch the most recent movies, series and anime shows easily and completely free of charge. This is the easiest way to watch torrent movies like a stream.

Watch Torrent Movies like a Stream

Popcorn Time has a phenomenal user interface and you might easily find something to watch in seconds – without going through the complicated navigation and steps.

It even supports subtitles and they work amazingly well. Also, you can watch movies via your default video player (such as VLC or MPC). This is definitely one of the most popular and one of the most useful apps I have found lately, so I recommend you to try it by yourself right now!

Watch Torrents with Torch

Torch is a specialized web browser, based on Chrome engine which have a very good torrent client integrated in the core. With this browser, you may easily download torrents without downloading any third-party torrent client.

But that is not all! You may now actually watch torrent movies you are downloading a few minutes after you start downloading them. This feature is supported in full Torch Browser version.

To watch torrent movies with Torch, all you need to do is to start downloading videos using this browser. You may also import .torrent files stored on your computer.

Watch Torrent Movies with Torch

When torrent is ready for stream a grey icon displayed left of the torrent name will turn green. When that happen you will be able to start watching a torrent movie.

Torch Player - Play Torrent Movies

When you click on that little green play icon, the new window is going to open. You will see that movie you are downloading is going to play, just like any online video.

Watching torrent movies with this browser is the easiest way of doing this. Next, I am going to show you a bit more advanced way which allows you to even import subtitles on videos!

Play Torrents with Ace Stream

For this program you need the actual .torrent path to the movie you want to watch. This player does not support magnet links!

This is a little program, based on the most powerful open-source multimedia player – VLC. That means you will be able to watch torrent movies in a stand-alone program which runs from your desktop.

Ace Player - Torrent Path

To play .torrent movies with this player, go to Media > Open Network Stream and copy-paste the full .torrent URL in this field. After that press the Play button.

Open Torrent Files Ace Player

If you have .torrent file downloaded on your computer, you can play it by going to Media > Open File (CTRL+O), then choose the path to your .torrent move and press Open button to play .torrent file.

Play Torrent Movies without Downloading Them

You can also drag-and-drop downloaded .torrent files inside AceStream window to start reproducing it.

Watch Torrent Videos with Subtitles

Wait a few minutes and your video is start playing. This process depend on your internet speed and quality of torrent. In this window you can drag and drop any subtitle file you have downloaded.

As you can see, you can watch torrent movies with subtitles with help of this great little program.

Things to know:

  • Always choose good and healthy torrents. If possible, make sure to find torrents with more seeders than leechers. This might highly depend on stream quality and speed.
  • When watching videos, files used for streaming are temporary stored on your computer hard drive.
Post Updates:
  • January 2016: Added Kodi (XBMC), Updated links and order.
  • November 2015: Few post fixes and minor updates.
  • January 2015: Added Popcorn Application option to the list.


7 Responses

  1. fred says:

    this does not work… .torrent files cannot be opened directly by vlc player, it gives an error every time – cannot load transport file. (link removed)

    • John Siemens says:


      Update: You can open .torrent files with Ace Player by going to Media > Open or click CTRL+O, select path to your downloaded .torrent and viola – it is on!

  2. Darren says:

    @John Siemens I am actually able to play torrent files without any issues. I clicked on open file, selected torrent and viola they were playing without any issues.

    @Fred, make sure you have the ACE Player HD to play the torrent file.

  3. RBG says:

    Is there a way to pick a certain file from a torrent? For example. An entire season of a show, or if a movie torrent has the complete series in it? For a newer show I could just get the individual torrent files, such as S04E01. But for older shows like the Sopranos, where it’s only the whole series that has seeds, what could I do?

  4. Kimbuy says:

    You can open a torrent in Ace Player HD from Playlist View (Ctrl+L) as a playlist, and then deselect shows from it you don’t want to watch. While watching, the show is bing downloaded and buffered as a file into hidden folder c:\_acestream_cache_ . After you finished watching, you can press Save to save it as a source avi, mkv etc. file on your HDD.

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