Mp3 Output File and Settings

How to Separate Audio from a Video

Extracting audio from a video is a simple process. Basically, you should convert a video file to any audio format you need. There are many tools which you can use for this – and we are going to show you some.

Kodi with Genesis

How to Install and Setup Kodi (XBMC)

Kodi media center (formerly known as XBMC), is a free open-source media player and entertainment hub for variety of digital formats. It is available for all popular platforms and systems.

Remove uTorrent Advertisements

How to Remove Ads from uTorrent

As you might noticed, uTorrent now display a bit intrusive advertisement inside their BitTorrent client, especially from the most recent versions of this software. If you do not like them, …

Best uTorrent Alternative - qBitTorrent

The Best uTorrent Alternatives

Long time ago untutored was a great little software. It was extremely lightweight and simply beat down other similar torrenting software. When BitTorrent, Inc. bought uTorrent it became full of junk-ware and annoying advertisements.

How to Improve Ping in Games Online

How to Improve Ping in Games

In online multiplayer games, ping refers to latency of network between a player’s computer (client) and either the game server or another client. Low ping is always desirable simply because …